The Provocateurs

Cory Doctorow, Audrey Watters, Nishant Shah, Dan Gillmor and Ulrich Boser in Open-Conversation – join us #SpeakingOpenly #OpenEducationWk

Please tweet your thoughts and reactions and use twitter handles of the relevant speakers (see below), please also use the hashtags #Speakingopenly and or #Openeducationwk to join the big chat. Tweet me @jonathan_worth links to longer reflections / blog posts / vlogs / audio and I’ll add them to the “We need to talk” section.

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We need to talk …..


Hey I’m Jonathan Worth  and it’d be great to hear your voice in this important conversation about Privacy and Trust in Open Education. Create your own video or audio recording and upload it to, Vimeo or Youtube making sure you remember to use the tag #speakingopenly and tweet me the link.

If you’d prefer to write a blog response please Tweet a link using the hashtag #SpeakingOpenly any if you’ve any other questions tweet me @jonathan_worth

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Open Education Week In the Shadows

As part of Open Education Week (#openeducationwk), Jonathan Worth is facilitating a conversation on trust and privacy in the context of open, a conversation both in-person and online, synchronous and asynchronous, this Thursday (March 12).  A brief prologue on the conversation, as well as the first whispers of the conversation, can be found at speaking  I was asked to respond to the thoughts of provocateurs Ulrich Boser, Audrey Watters, Cory Doctorow, Dan Gillmor and Nishant Shah, and my response will be available for streaming on Thursday; until then, the site will slowly roll out the conversation


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